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    TOP-LOCK®Lock washer The load chart

    When tighten bolts,the relationship between clamping force and effectively control the torque is becoming more and more important.In order to optimize the design of the joints and as much as possible to make full use of its performance, the tightening torque should be well known,which can obtain clamping force you want to achieve under the condition of the minimum error.

    According to the customers’ own designs,we carried out experiments in accordance with torque and load in our test lab . As joint clamping force depends on the size of friction between the sliding contact surfaces, the contact surfaces are different, the clamping forces are different,too .

    This chart shows that without using any of the washer, the deviation of clamping force. When using the same tightening torque, due to tighten on the different materials (aluminum or steel), you will get different clamping forces.As the friction is more higher when tighten aluminum material, the clamping force will be much lower.

    When using TOP - LOCK ® washer,slide always happened between-in the same surfaces. For example,between-in the washer and the bolt head. At this moment, the deviation minimum clamping force will be received .


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