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    Product type

    Vibration testing

    TOP-LOCK ® washer vibration test

    Fittings vibration test is one of the reliability of the bolt connection methods  The vibration   test of TOP-LOCK® secure fastening system conforms to the DIN 65151  standard and DIN25201 standard. Pre-tightening force(bolt tensile) is measured by the radial force transducer.

    The locking effect with TOP-LOCK® standard nuts is greater than with ordinary ones (such as nut of nylon material).Bolt by the friction between the screw thread lock, thus lost most of the pre-tightening force produced by vibration, this is mainly caused by the sink in the thread.And those from the TOP - LOCK®fixed parts only show a small part lost pre-tightening force.

    When using TOP-LOCK® washer ,after appropriate tighten nut, bolt is  firmly locked.Solid locking performance is that pre-tightening force increased when using wrench to loosen the nut (rather than loose nut in an instant).This is the unique feature of the TOP-LOCK® washer .

    This test shows : TOP - LOCK ® securing and fastening system can safely fastening screw/bolt connection: basic constant clamping force after 2000 turn. At the beginning of the test , a small amount of tension loose only due to the normal bolt connection.




    Salt spray test

    Steel washer (Delta protekt ® surface coating)

    large diameter (expressed in "SP")



    Stainless steel EN1.4404 alloy steel

    large diameter (expressed in "SSS")



    Note: special material, left-hand thread can according to customer request production and processing (such as INCONEL ® 718/254 smo, etc.)


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