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    Product type


    TOP-LOCK® Superbolt Type

    Bolt-style tensioners

    Bolt-style tensioners are used in a wide variety of applications where a nut-style tensioner and stud combination does not fit or is not the preferred solution.


    Has all of the preload and low torque advantages.

    Requires less head diameter and therefore less space than nut-style tensioner.

    Requires smaller installation space.

    Reduces the number of parts versus stud and nuts.

    Small head dimensions can fit into tight countersinks or space restrictions.

    Nut-style multi-jackbolt


    Nut-style multi-jackbolt tensioner suitable for mechanical fastening applications, according to their own strength condition can be used for the high strength bolt or screw, according to their own material and structure can be used in different working condition of the environment, it is a nut type tensioner which suitable for large hexagonal nut usage for all places.


    Flexnuts are suitable for through hole applications, which is a reactive nut that is able to flex elastically. Under certain load, Flexnuts can flex at the bottom and at the top. This helps relieve stress concentrations and increases the fatigue life of the stud/bolt. Since Flexnuts are reactive nuts to be used opposite tensioners, they never torqued directly to achieve preload.


    Under load, they ensure an equal load distribution on the thread of the bolt / stud.

    Adds elasticity in the joint,increases the fatigue life of the bolt / stud.


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