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    TOP-LOCK® Superbolt Advantages

    Preload simple, time-saving and efficient

    Only ordinary hand wrenches or pneumatic wrenches are required to preloaded or remove large parts. The operation is very convenient, fast , save time( can save more than 60% time than using traditional bolt fastening preload method) and efficient.

    Reliable for preloaded and lock

    The unique locking design completely solve the disadvantages of the traditional locking reliability, relying on its own special locking structure, even under the condition of high temperature, high pressure and strong high-frequency vibration can effectively prevent the preloaded artifacts loosing.


    Effectively avoid many accidents which from the traditional preloaded method.Can be operated and installed in unfavorable pre-tightening places , such as:Overhead, high altitude and bad environment nuclear island, etc.

    Economic and practical

    TOP-LOCK® Multi-jackbolt tensioners can be used repeatedly, meanwhile no traditional or special preloaded tools are needed for installation , thus greatly reduces the cost of preloaded, the truly energy consumption.

    Tightening in pure tension

    Multi-jackbolt tensioner preload artifact with pure tension, no torque twisted to each other from the load of nuts and bolts, effectively prevent the occurrence of undesirable phenomenon,such as the thread wear, buckles and locked.Also can eliminate the possibility that the nut mush into bearing surface caused by the nut with the main bolts not completely vertical. Centerline of main bolt within five degrees may be offset to compensate.

    High precision preloaded and uniform tension

    The accuracy of the Multi-jackbolt tensioner pre-tightening force are much more accurate than any traditional and special preloaded tools , can reach 90-95%,at the same time prestressing tension change is small (only 4-5%), which for the bolt pre-tightening tension between uniform interface is especially important for sealing flange or pressure vessel, it can keep the flange interface uniform pressure, effectively prevent leakage.

    Rich preloaded elastic

    Multi-jackbolt tensioner pre-tightening artifacts, can increase the elasticity of preloaded bolt connection system of four bolt diameter equivalent, for general bolt connection system, the equivalent elastic increased by 50-100%, due to the increase of the elastic greatly prolong the service life of the connecting bolts.

    Flexible preload enhances bolt bearing capacity

    When Multi-jackbolt tensioner preloaded artifacts, between Multi-jackbolt tensioner and the main bolt generated relative force, forming a circumferential stress. Under the stress effect, bottom diameter expanding, the upper diameter narrower,the micro deformation increased of number of the stress threads meanwhile made the stress release in the main bolt and the nut effective thread uniformly, avoiding stress concentration, enhancing the bearing capacity of bolts, eliminating the possibility of a screw fracture.

    Operation suitable for small space

    The space for application of Multi-jackbolt tensioner preloaded is smaller than the space for  traditional or special tools for preloaded operation.Some special space and equipments which special tools can't operate,such as:compact structure, narrow space, special operating position,Multi-jackbolt tensioner can be used widely.

    Detect preloaded parameter convenient, read data intuitive and accurate

    Intuitive rapid detection of bolt pre-tightening force , pre-tightening torque and preloaded elongation by taking ultrasonic bolt detector in the bolt on test interface. Synchronous read,more accurate, more efficient than liquid distribution test preloaded system pressure value of the parameter. Greatly improving the comprehensive technical performance of large-scale mechanical parts assembly preload and preloaded detection efficiency.


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