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    TOP-LOCK® Superbolt Installation


    1.Lubrication of all components (Mixing solid particles which stay in the bottom of the pot into a uniform paste before lubrication).

    2.Install and lubricate hardened washer, then lubricate the main thread (standard lubricant or tensioner lubricant can be used).If reinstall,make sure the jiackbolts has been lubricated.

    3.Ensure the jackbolt end face and the bottom of the nut main body in a horizontal plane,then screw tensioner into stud until it come into contact with the washer.For large size stud,use"nut wrench"can save you time, screwing in and turning out tensioners quickly .

    4.Afterwards turn back the tensioner a little. In any case,turn back 1/16 to 1/8 inch can meet the requirements.Clearance between hardened washer and nut body can easily add lubricating oil and penetration,especially the application of reverse case.However,if it’s long stud or rod fastening or big gap between the flange,skip this step.


    When removing, the jackbolts must be unloaded gradually,loosen each jackbolt 1/4 turn then loosen the others one by one following a circular pattern around the tensioner (1 round only). Repeat a 2nd round with 1/4 turn as above until all jackbolts are unloaded completely.If Removing a particular stud may affect the nearby stud,operating together, one round one time.

    For high temperature tensioner,loosen each jackbolt 1/8 turn,when all the jackbolts have been gradually loosening,screw all of them from the stud.


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