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    The working principle of TOP-LOCK® threaded insert

    TOP-LOCK® threaded insert is a new type of internal threaded fasteners which can be embedded in the metal or nonmetal material, forming high strength, wear resistance interchangeable standard thread, can also be used to repair the wear or damaged internal thread hole.TOP-LOCK® threaded insert is a kind of spiral coil forming precisely from cold-rolling diamond wire, internal and external thread concentric body.Under free state, the diameter of insert is little larger than the diameter of pre-hole. After loading, the expansion of the effect similar to the spring, make it firmly fixed in the screw hole,formed a high-precision internal thread, according with international standard.Between bolt and screw hole leads to the non-uniform stress distribution of pitch error and angle, can be balanced by elasticity of threaded insert, all its spiral can share the load.According to the functions, threaded inserts are divided into regular type and  locking type, the lock type except with all functional of the regular type also have thread locking ability,which depends on the polygon stretch to brake screw locking ring.

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